• Through Asia in Sven Hedin’s footsteps

    With the help of the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin’s diaries, maps and photos, we will conduct a series of expeditions in his footsteps. It will be a journey through Asia up snow-covered mountain peaks, down wild rivers and through burning deserts. Our objective is to use digital photography to document how the landscape, culture and people in these areas have changed over a century.

  • Iran: From Damavand to Desert 2013

    The Iran expedition will take six weeks and start with a ski ascent of Mount Damavand (5 671 meter), the highest peak in the Middle East, successfully ascended by Hedin in 1890. The rest of the expedition will follow Hedin’s route from 1906 by four wheel drive cars from Tehran and south east throughout the country to the border of Pakistan. The route will include a crossing of the central salt desert of Iran.

  • Pamir: Muztagh Ata and Wakhan 2015

    Pamir is a mountainous area in Central Asia known as the “Roof of the world”, explored by Hedin in 1894-1895. Following his routes, this journey will take us through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and China. The expedition includes a glacier study and ascent of Muztagh Ata (7 546 m), the “Father of Ice-Mountains”, and a follow up on Hedin’s contacts with the Kyrgyz nomads in Pamir.

  • Sven Hedin (1865 – 1952)

    Sven Hedin was a Swedish explorer and geographer that devoted his life to exploring Central Asia and Tibet, mapping such a large unexplored territory that it has never been paralleled in history. Hedin made two journeys to Persia and four expeditions to Central Asia, discovering the Transhimalaya, the sources of Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej Rivers and long lost cities in the deserts of the Tarim Basin.

Recent News

  • Dell Precision 5510 review

    Dell computers have been an essential part of the Sven Hedin Project since day one. During the last year I have used a Dell Precision 5510 for my everyday work. This is a powerful mobile workstation for digital creatives on the move – and I love it! Below you can see a full review of […]

  • Soon time for departure to Pamir

    Finally it is soon time for departure to Pamir, the second stage in my expedition series in the footsteps of Sven Hedin. Two years ago we successfully followed Hedin’s route through the deserts of eastern Iran. This summer we are headed to Pamir, a mountainous area in Central Asia known as the “Roof of the […]

  • National Geographic 125 Years in Karlstad

    On January 28, 06:00 pm, I will hold a lecture about the Sven Hedin Project at Värmland’s Museum in Karlstad, Sweden. This lecture is part of a series of events connected to the National Geographic 125 Years exhibition that is on show until May 2015. The exhibition has been in Denmark, USA, Italy, Russia, China […]

  • Lars speaks at Wilderness Fair in Stockholm

    This week the annual Wilderness Fair kicks off in Stockholm on Friday (March 7-9, 2014). Lars Larsson is one of the speakers and will hold a presentation with the title “Through the Deserts of Iran in the explorer Sven Hedin’s footsteps”. There will be one presentation by Lars on each of the three days. Presentations […]

  • Sven Hedin's journeys in Iran

    Sven Hedin is Sweden’s greatest explorer and adventurer of all time. He was born in Stockholm 1865 and decided to follow this path in his early teens. The first step in his career came when he in 1885, as a 20-year-old, had the opportunity to travel to Baku, Azerbaijan, to work as a private tutor […]

  • On the cover of National Geographic

    The November issue of National Geographic (Nordic) was released this week and the cover photo is from our Iran expedition! I shot the cover photo in Dasht-e Kavir and it shows Babak driving his Landrover towards the sand dunes in the south. Inside the magazine you will find a 24-page feature story that I have […]

Sven Hedin’s expedition route 1906

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