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Lars speaks at Wilderness Fair in Stockholm

This week the annual Wilderness Fair kicks off in Stockholm on Friday (March 7-9, 2014). Lars Larsson is one of the speakers and will hold a presentation with the title “Through the Deserts of Iran in the explorer Sven Hedin’s footsteps”. There will be one presentation by Lars on each of the three days. Presentations […]

Team Crosses Deserts of Eastern Iran

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Swedish/Iranian Team Crosses Deserts of Eastern Iran In Explorer Sven Hedin’s Footsteps National Geographic Society-funded expedition documents changes in Iran over past 100 years STOCKHOLM (July 23, 2013)—A team of five Swedes and two Iranians, led by journalist and adventurer Lars Larsson, have returned to Sweden after successfully following explorer Sven Hedin’s […]

Crossing of Dasht-e Kavir by 4WD cars

Originally our plan was to try to cross the Dasht-e Kavir by camels. We had tried to find good camels months in advance, but early got indications showing this could prove to be very difficult if not impossible. After asking around in all the villages in the region and meeting personally with the most experienced […]