Sandstorms and dunes in the Rig-i-djin

In the southern part of the central salt desert there is a big sand desert with dunes that is called Rig-i-djin; “the desert of the evil spirits”.

We first crossed it from the north west arriving to the “harbor” oasis Alem, where we stayed for two nights. The next camp we made was at the eastern edge of the desert, a sand arm extending a little bit to the east of Tjupunun. We drove into the dunes and found a very nice camp site.

Sand dunes are very beautiful and reminds us of similar shapes that are formed in Sweden by drifting snow. But the sand is even worse than snow when you get hit by a storm. We were taken by surprise twice by sandstorms, one time the wind ripped up one of our tents from the ground and swept it away. Luckily we found it quickly and recovered it. Even though the wind was not that strong, it was really bad getting your eyes blasted by sand.

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