Explore our expedition routes from Iran

Below you can explore a map with Sven Hedin’s route and camps from 1906 in red and our own route and camps from 2013 in yellow. Use the navigation tools in the upper right corner of the map to zoom and pan the map.

The camps will appear on the map when you zoom in a little bit closer. If you hold the mouse pointer above a camp symbol on the map the camp number, name of the place and the date will display. The date is in the format “day/month”.

Hedin’s route is approximated from his 1:300 000 maps series “A route survey through Eastern Persia” published in his scientific publication “Eine Routenaufnahme durch Ost-Persien“. This part of Hedin’s route is 2032 km long and consists of 73 camps. It starts in Veramin on January 3rd 1906 and ends on April 23 1906, just across the border to the Pakistan Baluchistan.

We used two Garmin units, a Garmin Montana 650 and a Garmin GPSMap 62stc, to record our route. That means the error is usually not more than a couple of meters.

We are working on a much more elaborate Geographic Information System where these routes will be combined with Hedin’s historical maps, lots of media and additional information. This will be launched in a few months on the Sven Hedin Foundation’s upcoming web site.

( Open up a big map in a new window )

You need to install the free Google Earth plugin for the above map to work.

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