Iran Expedition Team 2013


The whole team at the high camp on Damavand, May 2013. From left to right: Johannes Widerström, Stefan Pettersson, Lars Larsson, Adrian Nordenborg, Mehrdad Ghazvinian, Babak Ghazvinian, Daniel Warberg.

Lars Larsson

Larsson is a full time media entrepreneur working as a freelance journalist, photographer, editor and filmmaker. He is the founder of three Swedish outdoor magazines: Paddling, Surfing and Utemagasinet Kajak. He has also been co-owner of the Swedish edition of Outside magazine. Larsson has a Master of Social Science in Psychology from Uppsala University and […]

Adrian Nordenborg

Nordenborg is a professional adventure guide and experienced world traveler with over 80 countries on his list. He has guided skiing and trekking in Iran and has traveled throughout the country, spending in total seven months in Iran. He is a co-owner of Pathfinder Travels that runs the Scandinavian tour of the Banff Mountain Film […]

Stefan Pettersson

Pettersson has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, has been a national ski patroller, whitewater rafting guide and did military service as a Ranger in the Swedish Armed Forces. He has worked with avalanche safety and first aid and has lots of experience from the wilderness and ski mountaineering in Sweden and Norway. Stefan will be […]

Daniel Warberg

Warberg is lead videographer of the expedition and a talented filmmaker. He has studied a bachelor program in Audio Visual Production at Dalarna University and is a wilderness guide. Warberg did all the editing and much of the videography in the kayaking film Turbulence, produced by the expedition leader Larsson. He is also an expert […]

Johannes Widerström

Widerström is assistant videographer on the expedition. He has studied Audio Visual Production at Dalarna University and is a wilderness guide. Widerström likes all kinds of action sports and is known for his perfect body control when doing air moves in skiing, mountainbiking or kiteboarding. He is also very interested in art and poetry. During […]

Mehrdad Ghazvinian

Mehrdad is a true nature lover and has regularly spent lots of time in the wild since childhood. The desolate deserts of Iran is a nice contrast to his work in the crowded bazaar in Tehran. Together with his brother Babak he runs a persian carpet business, producing very exclusive nomadic silk carpets. Mehrdad and […]

Babak Ghazvinian

Babak is a really talented off road driver that fully enjoys to be out in the desert. He drives his Landrover Defender through terrain that should be impossible for all vehicles. Babak is also a great mechanic and the guy you want to have with you when something breaks. He runs a carpet business in […]