Lars speaks at Wilderness Fair in Stockholm

This week the annual Wilderness Fair kicks off in Stockholm on Friday (March 7-9, 2014). Lars Larsson is one of the speakers and will hold a presentation with the title “Through the Deserts of Iran in the explorer Sven Hedin’s footsteps”. There will be one presentation by Lars on each of the three days.

Presentations by Lars:

  • Fredag, 16:30 – 16:55, Äventyrsscenen, B01:33
  • Lördag, 13:30 – 13:55, Friluftsscenen, B17:11
  • Söndag, 13:30 – 13:55, Friluftsscenen, B17:11

For the full program go here: Wilderness fair program.

Lars Larsson on Mount Damavand, Iran.

Lars Larsson on Mount Damavand, Iran. Photo: Adrian Nordenborg.

If you happen to be in Stockholm this weekend don’t miss out on these presentations. Besides the presentations Lars will be available for questions and discussion in the National Geographic Society booth B08:19 the whole weekend.

Excerpt from press-release about the Iran expedition:

“A team of five Swedes and two Iranians, led by journalist and adventurer Lars Larsson, have returned to Sweden after successfully following explorer Sven Hedin’s famed 1906 journey through what is present-day Iran, visiting the same places Hedin photographed more than 100 years ago. The expedition, funded by the National Geographic Society Global Exploration Fund, aims to document the changes that have occurred in Iran over the past century.
Using Hedin’s historical maps and two all-terrain vehicles, the group followed his route 2,000 kilometers, from Tehran east to the border with Pakistan. Along the way, they crossed Iran’s central salt desert Dasht-e Kavir and ascended the 5,671-meter-high Mount Damāvand, Asia’s highest volcano and the tallest mountain in the Middle East, which Hedin climbed in 1891.
The expedition’s main objective was to follow up on Hedin’s geographic and ethnographic observations from his expedition through the deserts of Eastern Persia in 1906.”

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