Methods and results


A geographical Information System based on Google Earth that let the user explore Sven Hedin’s historic expeditions.


Finding historical camera locations can be an extremely time consuming task. Therefore we use a powerful methodology based on geographic information systems (GIS). By georeferencing Hedin’s historical maps and importing them into a GIS, we get a framework for our journey. The next step is to use virtual repeat photography for locating Hedin’s camera stations. It is a method where you look for terrain features in a photograph and try to identify those same features in the 3D-space of the GIS, before searching for the physical location. Using this method we can narrow down the search area for a specific camera location to a radius of tens or hundreds of meters instead of kilometers. This reduces the time required to find it from days to hours.


Ng Story

The Sven Hedin Project produces a groundbreaking interactive geographic media that makes the story more immersive. This unique system will be released by The Sven Hedin Foundation in the fall 2015 after completion of the Pamir Expedition.