Soon time for departure to Pamir

Finally it is soon time for departure to Pamir, the second stage in my expedition series in the footsteps of Sven Hedin. Two years ago we successfully followed Hedin’s route through the deserts of eastern Iran. This summer we are headed to Pamir, a mountainous area in Central Asia known as the “Roof of the world”, forming the junction between the Himalayas, the Tien Shan, the Karakoram, the Kunlun and the Hindu Kush ranges.

During Hedin’s first large Central Asian expedition he explored this area in 1894–1895. Our plan is to follow Hedin’s route in Pamir – a journey that will take us through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and China.

We leave Sweden for Central Asia on June 30. Stay tuned!

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» Pamir and Muztagh Ata 2015

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